About Us

Hi, friends, my name is Chanchal Gupta and I am writing this blogs to inform you about the MBA (Master of Business Administration) and the rest of the entrance exams.

Well, first of all, I would like to tell you about myself my name is Chanchal Gupta I am from Delhi I have completed my Masters from IIM (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad) college but after completing my Masters when I thought that the knowledge which I have should be shared with them who haven’t who have the capability to complete and Masters but I not guided with the right guidance so now I am starting this website and trying to share my knowledge with you guys.

So it can help you to complete your masters and inform you about the more and more exams which are going to come in the future. Well, I am starting this website with the help of my few friends which were there in IIM with me so we all together will help you all to get prepared for the exams.

We all are going to help you with all your problems related to MBA for example MBA books for any entrance exam top colleges in MBA after MBA how can you go for Ph.D. and the MBA exams which are very beneficial for government exams and if you have any doubts any problem related to MBA you can comment and we will shortly help you with it.